A documentary about the extraordinary tale of the tel - aviv zoo.

there was a considerable amount of compositing on this one, animation of illustrations from various illustrators and quite a bit of invisible labor of archival reconsturction.

Won the "Israeli documentary forum" award for design 2019.

here is a Link to the full length documentry 

When the chief Rabbi of Copenhagen moved to Israel in 1935, he began collecting exotic animals in his Tel Aviv home. Rabbi Doolittle, as he came to be known, was going to build a zoo and teach the children of Palestine to love animals. The Tel Aviv Zoo became one of the city’s greatest attractions, but as the zoo grew, bureaucracy moved in and this idealistic paradise took another form.
With remarkable archival photos and footage of early Israel and charming animation, this is the story of a dreamer, and a dream that grew so big it no longer belonged to the dreamer.

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