Title Sequence, Design and Animation Sequences

 The series chronicles civil protests in Israel throughout the 1980's up to the 2011 economic protest.
Title Sequence for the Documentary series "Right To Shout".
The first two episodes take a look at revolutionary movements in Israel and their lasting impact. 
The third episode focusing on the 2011 protests and explores the echoes and scars across these movements. 
Given the absence of a narrator or interviews within the series, a method was required to guide viewers 
through different timelines and themes.
Relying on archival footage, an archival menu was designed, offering a thematic navigation tool.

The outcome introduces the upcoming subject while contextualizing it with a "word cloud" for viewers.
While the first two episodes revolve around events in the 1970s and 1980s, the third episode zeroes in on the 2011 protests.
A new search engine was designed to provide the same effects but with a more graphical interface. 
A series by Uri Rosenwaks
Design and animation by Dotan Goldwaser
Additional design by Aya Ben Ron
HOT8 2019

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