Title Sequences, Animation Sequences and Set Design
Title sequence for the documentary series "The Great Eagle".
Utilizing animation, the series employs Maimonides' own handwriting to convey his worldview and philosophy.
Animation reel for "The Great Eagle" showcasing various animations from different episodes that depict various stages of Maimonides' life and philosophy.
The main vision of the set design was to unify the world of the animated sequences with the interviews, reinforcing the philosophical notion that the world is constructed from words.
The process of designing and executing the show's set included diverse camera angles, animation, as well as transitions between the studio and live footage alongside animation sequences.
The creation of the studio set posed a significant technical challenge: the camera angles exhibited considerable variation, and the backdrop, featuring a Mashrabiya-inspired typographic design along with several particle systems comprised of letters, needed to provide both a consistent sense of directionality and an atmosphere of scale.
For technical reasons, it was imperative for the set to remain vector-rendered, facilitating post-camera movements. This requirement resulted in the scene being exceptionally computationally demanding.
Illustration by: Yaniv Shimony
Animation: Dotan Goldwaser
A series by: Uri Rosenwaks
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